McGill Must Promote the Concerns of Dollarama Warehouse Workers

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Our demands: In view of McGill’s over $3.3 million in Dollarama equity; its satisfaction of the criteria needed to make shareholder proposals under the Canada Business Corporations Act; McGill’s close professional and financial ties with the Rossy family, whose members founded and receive returns from Dollarama’s operations; and the concerns relating to working conditions and pay among Dollarama’s low-income warehouse workers largely migrating from Haiti, Francophone Africa, and Latin America;

We, the undersigned members of the McGill community, call on the Board of Governors to mandate:

1) That the Office of Investments file a shareholder proposal at Dollarama’s Annual General Meeting of Shareholders (the “AGM”). This proposal should, in the least, request that Dollarama prepare a report outlining how it assesses and mitigates the human rights risks arising out of its use of third-party staffing agencies for its warehouse and distribution centre staffing needs.

2) The Office of Investments adopt a corporate engagement strategy with Dollarama, collaborating with the Immigrant Workers Centre (IWC) and The Association des travailleurs et travailleuses d’agences de placements (ATTAP), with the following goals:

a) To promote a healthy and safe warehouse work environment within the company, whose conditions can continuously accommodate demands and concerns coming directly from warehouse workers

b) To secure Dollarama’s warehouse workers jobs as employees hired directly by Dollarama

c) To promote permanent pay raises for Dollarama warehouse workers in acknowledgement of the risks inherent in their work and Dollarama’s rising profits and in line with demands from the IWC, ATTAP, and workers themselves.