Safe Work Needed: Email Dollarama’s Big Shareholders

It’s time shareholders – the people profiting off of Dollarama’s labour standards – are pushed to take action against Dollarama’s use of third party staffing agencies. As we know, these agencies increase the precarity and embattle the physical security of people who are migrants and working class.

Join our email blitz (it takes 15 seconds with our link below) of major shareholders, including RBC, BMO, and TD. Get them to vote in favour of a motion to investigate the human rights risks inherent in Dollarama’s use of placement agencies. Their opportunity to do so is coming up: June 9th, Dollarama’s annual general meeting. A motion’s already been put forward by a BC union and investor.

Meanwhile, migrant and workers’ power needs to keep building. The Immigrant Workers Center is inviting us to an action June 9th, 2:30pm. It’ll be at Metro “De La Savane” during a warehouse worker shift change. It’s a chance to help keep the struggle on the shopfloor energized. Bring your own art. 

(Having trouble sending our email? Try it on your phone. Or see the full email text here, and send it yourself.)

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Don’t forget to fill out our petition! Art work was done by Chris Robertson of La Presse du Chat Perdu.

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