The McGill Corporate Accountability Project is an advocacy group founded in 2018. Our work aims to further awareness about the ways in which Canadian law enables human rights abuses by Canadian companies. We research Canadian and international developments in legal accountability for corporate human rights abuses and explore avenues for legal reform in the Canadian context. We also seek to collaborate with other groups, both on and off McGill University’s campus, on advocacy projects.


The McGill Corporate Accountability Project was founded in 2018 by students in McGill University’s Faculty of Law, after one of our founders worked at a corporate accountability organization over the summer and realized that there was nothing promoting it within the faculty. It was further inspired by the Justice and Corporate Accountability Project (JCAP).


In our first three years of operation, we have collaborated with Above Ground, Mining Watch, the Justice and Corporate Accountability Project, and other private legal firms to help with legal research supporting corporate accountability. We also run the Protestor Legal Information Clinic (PLIC) in collaboration with the McGill Law Climate Justice club.